Alta comes from exceptional bloodlines, four NAVHDA Versatile Champions from her dam side and Dzelitedz breeding from her sire Zandor. She has inherited both her sire and dam’s intelligence and intensity in the field, and she has a phenomenal nose. She is a calm and loving pet in the home and loves to work. Alta’s grandmother, Hunting Hills’ Nixie Rae, has the tightest /best hips for the breed in the United States. Alta is the youngest Small Munsterlander in North America to Prize. She ran her NAVHDA Natural Ability Test at four months of age and earned a 98 Prize III.


Lou is an intelligent and intense hunter in the field with a very good nose and the ability to hunt both feathered and furred creatures. She is a confident hunter with the stamina and desire to hunt all day. Lou loves to work and has a very staunch point in the field. Lou shows great enthusiasm in everything she does with a wonderful desire to please. She is a calm and loving pet in the home. Lou passed her NAVHDA Natural Ability Test before she was a year old and earned a 112 Prize I, she will be preparing for her UPT and UT tests summer of 2018.


Katy was a happy, calm, and even-tempered puppy that was a bold and quick learner. She has her father’s staunch intense point’s, along with a keen nose. She was a natural retriever from a young age, and is often seen with something in her mouth around the home. Katy earned a 112 Prize I in her NAVHDA Natural Ability Test at 13 months of age. Summer of 2016 she ran her NAVHDA UPT test and earned a 143 Prize III. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Katy will no longer be a part of our breeding program but will continue to hunt for us in the field.


Camilo Matice van de Chesannehof is our male we imported from the Netherlands summer 2017. He comes from the Chesannehof kennel, a very well respected breeder in the Netherlands. Camilo comes from exceptional bloodlines and both his sire and dam have done very well in their hunt tests and conformation shows. Camilo is a very clever dog, and has been a natural retriever since 10 weeks of age. He has a strong desire to work and has a calm and cooperative temperament. We look forward to hunting with Camilo in the future and have high hopes for him as a stud dog in our kennel.


This is the second pup we have imported from the Chesannehof Kennel and are thrilled to have a female pup out of Winter Joy Eline V.D. Chesannehof and Jarda Van Het Izeven. Elyta comes from champion bloodlines and has a very calm and cooperative temperament. She is a natural retriever at a young age and has quite the nose on her. We look forward to her growing up and turning into what we are sure will be an exceptional hunting dog.


Four Point’s Alberta Bound

Whelped 4-17-16

Reg # 16041608KIM

Colour: Brown Roan

Height: 20”     Length: 21.5”

Weight: 45lbs

NA 98 PIII at 4 months of age

PennHIP 0.38/0.39.

Sire: Zandor vom Fuchseck

NA 106 PI UT 192 PII

PennHIP 0.23/0.19

Dam: Robingun’s Cindy Lou Who

NA 112 PI

PennHIP 0.32/0.30

Robingun’s Cindy Lou Who

Whelped on 5-16-14

Reg # 14051605KlM

Colour: Brown & White Roan

Height: 20.75”      Length: 22.5”

Weight: 45lbs

NA 112 P1 at 12 months of age

PennHIP 0.32/0.30

Sire:   VC Lakewood’s Augustine Altman

NA 112 PI UT 204 PI Invitational 197 Pass

OFA SMU-120G27M-VPI Good

Dam: Hunting Hills; Nixie Rae

NA 112 PI UT 201 PI

PennHIP 0.17/0.17

Hunting Hills’ Vivi Katy

Whelped on 7-7-13

Reg # 13070706KlM

Colour: Brown/white

Height: 19.5”  Length: 23”

Weight: 41lbs

NA 112 PI at 13 months of age UPT 143 PIII

OFA SMU-191G37F-VPI Good

Sire: Hunting Hills’ Hemlock

NA 112 P1 UT 204 PI Invitational 196 Pass

PennHIP 0.38/0.32

Dam: Timber Trail’s Bella

NA 112 PI

PennHIP 0.23/0.23

Camilo Matice V.D. Chesannehof (Milo)

Whelped 5-3-2017

Reg# NHSB30820KIM

Colour: Brown Roan


Length: 19.5dz


PennHIP not x-rayed yet

Sire: Munsterkullens Riddar Kato

SKK 20657/2011 HD A


Dam: Morgan Matice V.D. Chesannehof

NHSB2829463 HD A


Elyta Wyatt V.D. Chesannehof (Eden)

Whelped 01-13-2018

Reg # NHSB31092KIM

Colour: Brown/White

Height: 16″

Length: 15.5″

Weight: 24lbs

PennHIP not yet x-rayed

Sire: Jarda Van Het Izeven

N.H.S.B 2869256 HD AIMP

(BELG.) LOSH 1083680 NJK


Dam: Winter Joy Eline V.D. Chesannehof

NHSB 2995893 HD A

W.16, NJK.16, VJP., HZP., VGP I